The process of Automatic Drawing is where I will channel your helpful and benevolent guides through drawing. After purchase, please message me with any one question you have for your guides and your preferred email address. Please keep your question as direct and concise as possible. This will make it easier to receive clear information. 

The drawings I receive are often abstract and spiritual in nature. For example, you may ask "should I quit my job?" and your guides may respond something like "go to water more often" or "grow flowers". So please be aware that this is a highly intuitive and creative process where the results can be unexpected. 

In addition to your automatic drawing, I will include a paragraph explaining the information I received. I will also include a custom drawing with any symbols or written words I think will be helpful. These will all be received digitally to your email address. 

What you receive:
-At least 1 automatic drawing which is scanned and emailed to you
-A paragraph explaining your drawing
-A custom drawing with a symbol, symbols, or words that you can focus on 

A hard copy will later be sent to your mailing address

Personalized Automatic Drawing