2020 is the year of the emperor (2+2=4) and we decided to celebrate by creating this elixir- plant potion created by Corinna Rosella of rise up! good witch and label by Mary Evans of spirit speak!


the emperor corresponds to the sign of aries & the planet mars, so this potion contains warming and adaptogenic extractions of nettle, basil and ginger in honey and brandy, plus flower essences of gold yarrow, blue borage and sunflower for stepping into our best, most courageous, and confident selves. gem essences of red jasper (for it's association with mars) and citrine (for it's powers of abundance, direction and focus) were added as a final spell to ground and connect us all!


ingredients: nettle, ginger, raw honey, brandy, distilled water, basil, flower essences of yarrow, sunflower and blue borage.

Emperor Elixir